Mood:Can't Sleep

Date: September 11th, Sunday 2022 5:00am

My last meal would be maybe popcorn to remember going to the movies with parents and friends or sugar cookies to remember gma, or maybe pancakes to remember going to Ihop with parents or friends or fudge to remember going to leavenworth or taffy to remember going to seashore or chicken wings because its so good. Watching Distractible.


Date: September 3rd, Saturday 2022 8:30pm

We Saw Bullet Train Today


Date: August 16th, Tuesday 2022 6:30pm

Long long time ago we went to Vantage to camp. I think when I was 5-10 years old so 2000 or 2005. Vividly remember the ice cream place they had. They had this cool wavy slide. I would always make friends there when we go. There was also this sandune we go to but don't remember if its the same place. * Also anyone remember Death Proof 2007. Such a good movie.


Date August 11th, Thursday 2022 5:35pm

2019 I think, went to New Orleans. Hot. Nice buildings.Would go again maybe, too much people. It was fun. Also wedding this saturday. Excited. Last wedding was in 2016?


Date: July 22nd, Friday 2022 1:41am

So excited, going to watched Nope


Date: July 6th, Wed 2022 7:24pm

Watched Top gun the new one


Date: June 28th, Tuesday 2022 8:35pm

Watched Jurassic world

Mood: Ok

Date: April 30th, Saturday 2022 6:30pm

Watched The Bad Guys.

Mood: Ok

Date: April 23rd, Saturday 2022 6:27pm

Watched Everything At once, It was pretty good.

Mood: Sun Burned

Date: April 9th, Saturday 2022 4:44pm

Texas.Austin I think.Bats under the bridge.Nice hot springs and drinks. Very hot.

Mood: Staying Up

Date: April 1st, Friday 2022 3:30am

Today we are going to watch The Lost City. Also April fools day, watching learning with pibby.

Mood: Ok

Date: March 15th, Tuesday 2022 5:17pm

Today we watched The batman.

Mood: Ok

Date: February 21st, Monday 2022 1:06am

Today we will watch Uncharted.

Mood: Ok

Date: January 31, Monday 2022 5:23pm

Today we watched 355, 2nd movie we watched since 2022. First was Kingsman 3. Watched Kingsman 1 was in 2014.

Just left Leavengworth. Went there three times I think, with sister and brother. A great place to shop, to get candy and to eat, also the snow.Tuesday/January 18th/12:14am

Last Vacation went to Seashore to see the beach and to get candy.I think it was 2021.Tuesday/January 18th/7:46pm